Hurray for the Utah State Quarter!

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Amazing Paflyman!
Yes! Paflyman salutes the new Utah State Quarter!!!
But Wait!!!
Paflyman points to the new Utah quarter with some pals!
An alert, foot-like reader points out that there is more here than meets the eye of the untrained, dumbfounded reader of Pinocchio and FooT!
Not only is the design of the new Utah quarter forceful, proud, upstanding, and pulsating with the potent power of the Frontier Spirit thrusting itself westward, ever westward, but, to the careful observer, and devotee of Pinocchio and FooT, a deeper meaning can be discerned.
Dare you look closer, dear reader??
Yes, yes, there seems to be something there, something in the background! A symbol of Truth, Justice, and the Utah way of Life! A symbol of hope and, and, the freedom to empty one's nostrils throughout this great land!
Hail to Thee, Utah!

Long May You Stand

As the Proboscis of this Great Land!

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