Who Was That Masked Man??

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Amazing Paflyman!
Greetings loyal reader! The Internet is abuzz with the question, who are those men behind the masks at Q.W.E.R.C.?

Well, hush and hush and on the Q.T., Paflyman exposes their identities!!!

Who is that Masked Man?? 1. Plato

2. Aristotle

3. Lao Tzu

4. Satan

5. Luther

6. J. Falwell

7. L. Ron Hubbard

8. W.

9. J. C.

10. Calvin

11. Nietzsche

12. Charleton Heston as Moses, Moses

13. Bill Bennett

14. Al Zarqawi (Rest In Pieces)

15. Lord Brahma

16. Pope Benedict 16

17. Joseph Smith

18. Mohammed The Prophet

19. K'ung Fu Tzu

And who were those Freedom, er, French Literary Critics that Pinocchio turned into?

Well, Kids, you'll want to run out to the library to read up on Roland Barthes!

Michel Foucault!!
Jacques Derrida!!
Nobody does Pretentious Quite Like

Pinocchio and FooT!

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