Pinocchio and FooT--Fact or Fantasy?
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Greetings loyal reader! One question nags at the mind of every Pinocchio and FooT fan--was there ever a REAL Pinocchio and a real FooT in a real Salt Lake City in a real Utah? To answer these burning questions and others, P&F Studios sought out the most intrepid and cheap Michael Moore impersonator they could afford to get the facts! And that's ME, the amazing Paflyman!!!!

Join me as we probe the question: Pinocchio and FooT--Fact or Fantasy?

The Amazing Paflyman!
Paflyman in Proves Utah Exists
Amazing Fact No. 1, loyal reader: Utah exists! In fact, Utah is the 45th state to enter this Yankee Doodle Dandee American Confederation. It didn't become a state until 1896 because it took that long to hide the extra wives!

Amazing Fact No. 2, spellbound reader, Salt Lake City exists! And it's even in the state of Utah, which also exists! So many coincidences only makes the possibility of a real Pinocchio and FooT all the more possible!

Paflyman and the Bignose Division Fire
Amazing Fact No. 3, the Annex to the Salt Lake City and County Building, housing courts, the jail, and some say, the Bignose Division of the Salt Lake City Police, was mysteriously destroyed in 2001. View the disturbing pictures here and here.

Apologists and illuminati of Salt Lake claim the building was destroyed to make way for a new library. But, Paflyman has a much more convincing explanation. The building had to be torn down due to the innumerable explosions and fires in Dr. Brown's Crime Scene Investigation Lab! Just look at an actual drawing from Pinocchio and FooT No. 2. Here we see the very City and County Building Annex on fire after Dr. Brown's assistant blew up the lab!! Proof positive of the existence of the legendary Bignose Division? Doubt me not, younglings!

Paflyman at Emigration Market
Here I am standing in front of Emigration Market in Salt Lake. Could this be the very supermarket referred to as "Retrogration Market" in P&F No. 4??

Indeed there have been rumors of FooT-like employees working here in bygone days of this Salt Lake institution.

Pinocchio and FooT Birthplace!
Here I am at perhaps the most sacred ground for true Pinocchio and FooT aficionados! Yes, I'm standing below the very room (second floor) at the now defunct Roosevelt Junior High School where legend has it that the first Pinocchio and FooT adventure was etched in history!

The building now houses the Rowland Hall-St. Marks Upper School. Yes, these spoiled, private-school preppies have no conception of the sanctified ground they trod!

Strangely, every photo we took had the same blinding light emanating from the top of the building. Our expert photographer was unable to explain the strange phenomenon or verify its source!!

The Real Whale's Mouth Cavern?
Here's is perhaps the most disturbing, yet intriguing photo, loyal reader, that I, Paflyman, have ever laid eyeballs on!

This house, tucked away in a quiet street of Salt Lake, may indeed be the secret headquarters of Pinocchio and FooT! Yes, my gullible friends, this very house may sit above the fabled Whale's Mouth Cavern, home of Pinocchio and FooT!

Unreliable sources insist that it is marginally possible that persons by the name of Olson may or may not have actually resided in this seemingly unpretentious building!

Attempts to investigate were met by unpleasant discussions with the local constabulary. Paflyman can only wonder: what are they trying to hide???

Ferret's Hideout????
Don't get too close, befuddled reader! Could this respectable looking residential home once have been the frightening Ferret's lair? Laugh not, for my photographer was so disturbed by the prospect of meeting the foul villain, I could not convince him to get any closer to thie spooky building!
And here we have the humble beginnings of P&F Studios!

Yes in this humble little building were hatched many of the amazing tales now enshrined in every beloved Pinocchio and FooT comic! How the original crew loved to put a shine into every child's eye!

Of course, now P&F studios resides in a modern, glass-encased, sky-scraping building in an undisclosed asian country that will remain unnamed for purposes of National Security!

Employing thousands of our Oriental friends for pennies a day, shielded from the tyrannical socialistic wealth redistribution schemes of a bloated inside-the-beltway liberty distroying bureaucracy, P&F studios now provides myriads of indespensable products to distracted consumers such as Pigfarmer's Petroleum flavored Perforated Pork Pizza, and the complete line up of Baby Shoo-shoo semi-automatic weapons! And who can forget the amazing discoveries in our patented Nuclear Proliferation Division!

Pafly Gals!
After a hard day uncovering innuendo and proprogating mendacities, even Paflyman needs to chill out and par-tay!!

What better way to relax than to hang out with the PAFLYBABES (tm)!! Woohoo! These honeys would make swell centerfolds for Ensign!

Just say PAFLY to the camera!

Pafly babe with fork!

I guess this PAFLYBABE (tm) didn't like that centerfold remark!

Watch where you put that fork!!

Well, Paflyman sure learned lots of interesting things today. Stay tuned as Paflyman uncovers more "facts" about Pinocchio and FooT!

Until next time, PAFLY!

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